Beliefs Training

– where we partner with you and Holy Spirit to train your beliefs and transform your mind

John 10:10 tells us that Jesus offers us a life of abundance, and His sacrifice makes a way for us to experience a hope-filled and victorious life. But for many of us this feels like pie-in-the-sky idealism as we trudge through the challenges of life.

What We Believe

We at God Adventure Beliefs Training believe that much of the disappointment, despair and frustration we experience has less to do with the negative circumstances we face, and more to do with what we believe about those circumstances. We are also convinced that whatever areas of our lives appear hopeless, a lie is in residence.

We want to invite you to sign up for our Beliefs Training package which is dedicated to helping you identify, target and disempower the mindsets that are keeping you from experiencing the life that Jesus intends for you.

What We Offer

When you sign up for the Beliefs Training Package you will be assigned a God Adventure Beliefs Trainer who is qualified and certified through Igniting Hope Ministries.

Your trainer will meet with you online for 3 sessions (the first and the last session will be 45 minutes and the middle session will be 30 minutes) where he or she will lead you through a biblically based 5-step mind renewal process and help you create a personalised, strategic plan for breakthrough in specific areas.

Beliefs Training can help you:

  • Get Breakthrough in seemingly hopeless circumstances
  • Gain momentum and vision for your life
  • Increase your influence through upgraded beliefs

Book a Beliefs Training Package.

To book a Beliefs Training Package or to find out more, please fill out the form and a Beliefs Trainer will contact you shortly.

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Corné Pretorius

Corné, together with his wife Jenni and an incredible team, lead a ministry called God Adventure, in East London, South Africa. They have three children. He has a deep revelation on the goodness of God and carries a life message of radical hope and joy. Getting people activated in their royal identities and seeing them have encounters with the love and power of God are just a few of his many passions. He loves being on his MTB and often competes in ultramarathon events.

Jenni Pretorius
Jenni is ruthless when it comes to her own ‘stinking thinking’. Having experienced first-hand the havoc and fear that lies can cultivate in a person’s life, Jenni likes to expose them and laugh her way free. Jesus paid a high price for our freedom but so many believers fail to experience the fullness of life that He promised and enabled. Jenni is passionate about seeing people escape their often self-imposed bondage into the wonderful liberty that Jesus modelled. She has been in full-time ministry for twenty years, spanning three continents. Happily living in South Africa with her husband Corné and three children, Jenni is convinced that Belief’s Training is a powerful tool in our Kingdom arsenal – not only for individuals – but for nations as well
Mel McGarry
Melinda and her husband Neil, grew up and live in South Africa where they are raising their two beautiful children. She has a heart for seeing people find freedom through the truth – ultimately resulting in the restoration of families and people being released to step into their dreams & destinies. Her passions are family, business and the outdoors.
Neil McGarry
Neil loves people. He loves to stop for the one and demonstrate this love practically. He believes that in order to see lives changed, we need to make changes to beliefs first. He has been married for 15 years and has two children. Neil is passionate about transformation, freedom, and bringing joy to the environment around him.
Natalie Mortimer
Natalie is known for being hope-filled. She will always find the silver lining in any situation and she is fully convinced that God turns ALL THINGS to the good of those who love him. She has been married to husband Kevin for over 20 years, is mum to two teenagers and one busy younger son. She lived in London for 11 years and did a two year stint in China as a missionary, building the local family. She loves being back in her home country, South Africa and is truly blessed to live in laid back East London.
Kerry Pocock
Kerry has been married for 32 years and 2 adult daughters. She grew up in Durban but now lives in East London where she is a High School English teacher. She loves to paint, especially oil. Her passion is to see people made whole by encountering a good God; that by knowing who He is and that they are loved by Him, everything else falls into place. She loves to see people set free to be who they’ve been created to be, knowing that God has called them by name.
Carmen Schenk
Carmen is a high school teacher, certified Beliefs Trainer and Life Coach. She passionate about people living out the fullness of what God has for them and believes that the greatest gift is being able to do the thing that God has called you to do. Carmen carries love, joy and safety. Her love for connection, community and family is her driving force.
Nanette Paxton
Nanette is a passionate beliefs trainer. She and her husband live in East London, South Africa, and love seeing people step into whom God has made them to be. Beliefs training has impacted her life in a big way and seeing others gain freedom through this training has been such a joy.