Testimonies are jumping up everywhere among our God Adventure family, read this powerful testimony.
“My husband has suffered with an alcohol addiction his entire life. He has tried to quit consuming alcohol on his own numerous times and has always failed. A couple of weeks ago during lockdown he had run out of beers and decided to make his own homemade brew. He ended up extremely intoxicated and embarrassed himself in front of a few people. His children were fed up with his actions and they were broken hearted that this addiction was breaking their dad. A few friends got together with me and started praying and we rebuked the spirit of addiction. The next day something changed in him, I walked into the house and heard him crying out to God. He was hitting his chest with his fists, asking God to help him. He apologised to everyone, he asked me to throw away his alcohol and he asked that we surround him, lay hands on him and pray. If you knew my husband you would know that he doesn’t like to be the centre of attention, let alone ask anyone to pray for him. Today he is seeking God and is a changed man by the power of the Holy Spirit!”