Healing Room Testimonies


Man meets Jesus for the first time

I recall one night at Healing Rooms the Lord spoke and said “You’ve received enough now, go to the back of the room and pray”.  I went and started praying, in that moment a sadness came upon me like I’ve never experienced, I wept like a child and in that I clearly heard the Lord say “There is someone here who failed at killing themselves the night before.  Now say what I said”.  I got up and said what the Lord said and waited.  Finally a man got up, walked towards me and confessed that the night before he tried to hang himself but the rope snapped.  That night this man met Jesus for the first time.  

You are never too far gone that Jesus can’t rescue you.  He said He’ll never leave you nor forsake you.

Father’s love

A big family came for prayer after the loss of a family member.  One of the young men requested private prayer.  He had his little girl with him.  He was sharing all the things he was struggling with, in a place of uncertainty about his future, finances, was he missing God? Etc.  As he was sharing, his little girl came and tucked herself under his arms and put her head upon her father’s chest.  This was such a powerful picture and we felt that is exactly what the man needed to do, to just let go and rest upon the Father’s chest and allow Him to love him.  He had a powerful encounter with the Father’s love and we will never forget the beauty of this moment with man and his little girl.

Leg grows out

A woman came in with back pain.  She had one leg shorter than the other and at Healing Rooms Jesus grew it out.  The woman could see and feel the difference.  She said she felt her leg stretch and it had tingles run through it as we prayed for her.

Pain free, forgiven and filled with hope

A lady was invited by her friend to attend Healing Rooms.  The moment she walked in she was overwhelmed by the presence of Joy and Love in the room.  She was battling with backache, anxiety and unforgiveness.  After being prayed for her backache left instantly!  Through a prophetic act of seeing her sister through the eyes of God she then had a change of heart and forgave her sister.  She left pain free, forgiven and filled with HOPE!