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A vibrant and diverse community

God created all of us with an inherent need for community. It is in the context of meaningful relationships with other believers that we grow as disciples of Jesus Christ

Sozo ministry is a unique inner healing and deliverance ministry aimed to get to the root of things hindering your personal connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. With a healed connection, you can walk in the destiny to which you have been called.
Healing Rooms

Healing Room is usually held on Thursdays 7-9pm.  Please look out for our announcement regarding our re-opening.

The first Healing Rooms were opened in Spokane, Washington in 1999. They were inspired by the healing ministry of John G Lake, who once said “when I saw for the first time by the Word of God that sickness was not the will of God, everything in my nature rose up to defeat the will of the devil.”

Today Healing Rooms exist all around the world, and ordinary believers are accessing the supernatural healing virtue of Jesus that abides within each of us, to lay hands on the sick and see them healed!

Healing Room Testimonies

The Tribe Youth Group
We believe that by facilitating a space where young people can personally encounter God, we help them foster a relationship with Him that enables them to live out the reality of their identity as royal sons and daughters, secure in His unconditional love and their place of belonging within HIs family.

We desire to ignite a generation with hunger and longing for God; a generation who know to whom they belong; who understand their value and purpose in the world and who are equipped and unafraid to be light in darkness and catalysts for change in their homes, schools, neighbourhoods and nations.

Supernatural Kids
Our vision is to raise up a generation of children who passionately love, value and pursue the presence of God; who are secure in their identity as loved sons & daughters; and who are equipped to steward revival and reformation in South Africa, and the nations of the earth.

Sunday at Supernatural Kids:
Every Sunday children are given the opportunity to experience the presence of God through worship, and then we break up into classes where a lesson has been prepared by the class teacher.

Parents have to drop off their children at Children’s Church and collect them again after the service. (Doors open at 8.30, Children’s Church starts at 9am)

Classes are divided as follows:
Toddler Class (Ages 2-6)
Gr 1 & 2 Class (Ages 7-8)
Gr 3 & 4 Class (Ages 9-10)
Gr 5 & 6 (Ages 11-12)
Gr 7 & High School (13+)

Land of the Living
Land of the Living was initiated as a ministry of God Adventure in 2010 and is now a registered non-profit organization and Sec 18a Public Benefit Organization operating in East London, SA.

We are a community of social entrepreneurs & mobilizers who exists to help help stimulate long-term sustainable transformation within impoverished communities of the region, by enabling local stakeholders to both see and build upon what they already have.

We build relationally with and support leaders and organizations in such communities who are engaging in their own local social development initiatives. From these relationships we facilitate HOPE – a supportive relational network of leaders across numerous communities – for purposes of collaboration, skills development, innovative resource mobilization strategies, and mutual fellowship & encouragement.

Through HOPE network relationships, we have initiated Unantoni Endlini. isiZulu for “What do you have in your house?” – a reference to 2 Kings 4:1-7, and conveying that everyone, even in the poorest of communities, potentially has some measure of “oil” in the form of passion, knowledge & skills and local resources that they can identify, cultivate and utilize to create wealth and build a sustainable livelihood. Our vision for this is the development of an Entrepreneurial Training Centre that provides needed support to catalyze this process.

Unantoni Endlini is run through a registered plastics recycling business that serves as a platform for helping motivate, mentor and practically support unemployed youth to generate a livelihood through recyclable materials collection & processing, with ultimate opportunity to create their own local community-based collection centers as businesses. We also mobilize residents and businesses throughout the city to get involved through a residential recyclables collection service. Finally, this all has a positive impact on the environment in severely neglected areas including the regional landfill, where we operate and pay local residents for the plastic waste they collect.

For more information please contact Scott Worley on 073 223 8951 or email scott@godadventure.org.

The Mercy ministry was created to utilise the generous gifts of kingdom financiers to meet the needs of the vulnerable people in our city, while releasing hope and dignity through acts of kindness and love. We want to see a people free from hopelessness and poverty where every individual is empowered to become an active contributor in society.

Request for Serving

It takes a lot of willing volunteers to make ministry happen and here are a few specific teams currently looking for extra support. Most areas of service require little or no experience or skill, although our music teams require auditions to fill open positions. See all the areas you can serve and fill out the form. Someone will then contact you to get involved!

Child Care

We have a Baby Room for feeding and changing, and a Toddler Room where kids can play while you watch the service on TV. Children 3 years and older can join our Supernatural Kids.


Our church is located in Quigney,  East London, and has many parking spots available on the surrounding streets. We have a car guard on duty ensuring your vehicle is safe.


Stay after the service and join us at Backstage where you can meet new people and socialise with friends and family over a cup of coffee or tea and lovely treats on sale.

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