Vs 1 – The Lord is our best friend. Friendships come in different levels. True friends have influence and authority in your life. We get to decide what levels and boundaries we have in our friendship with Jesus. He wants to be our best friend, but He allow us to set the boundary of our friendship with Him.
We will always have more than enough. Remember to speak higher than your experience or how you feel. Speaking higher than your experience doesn’t deny the experience, it just means we do not draw our beliefs from it. If there are any areas in your life where you are experiencing hopelessness, it means you are believing a lie. We have to renew our minds with what God says!
Vs 2 – Perfect love casts out all fear and we have to receive that love.
Vs 3 – When we are in the Lord’s presence our souls and emotions become healed. We should be led by Him and not by the world. If we start loving ourselves as much as we criticise ourselves, we would be unstoppable.
Vs 4 – In life we will have dark valleys, make sure you don’t camp there. Walk through it, follow your Shepherd and you will make it to the other side of the valley. As long as you keep your eyes fixed on Jesus you should never experience fear. God is a good Father and can be trusted in all situations and circumstances.
Vs 5 – As long as you are feasting with Jesus, keeping your eyes on Him the devil cannot touch you. He keeps you hidden and safe from the enemy.
Vs 6 – The angels, goodness and mercy follow you wherever you go. This world is temporary and even though we do everything we can to live in victory now, eternity is all that matters. Our hope is in eternity!